I feel like I should write on here more often about the projects that I'm doing and what not but I always forget. But now I am writing a post just in case someone has been dying to read a blog post from me. (I'm sure there are multitudes of people that cry themselves to sleep at night because of the absence of my posts.) So where to begin? Ahh yes I should probably start in Lynchburg. 

The CASA Superhero run actually took place in November but I edited in December and probably January so I will just include it on this list. This race was a ton of fun to shoot and I just ended up running all over the place getting shots of runners.

I also got my roommate Bruce to help second-shoot so that was fun. He didn't really have any idea what the race was about and when I asked him to go grab some interviews he said something to the effect of "Ahh good, I don't really know what's going so the questions will be genuine." Oh, Bruce.

During Christmas break I volunteered to create a video for a local non-profit where my mom and sister volunteer. The non-profit, called Servant's Heart, is a new consignment boutique that uses the profits made from selling donated clothing to fund various programs that help people in the community who are in financial need. 

In January I got a last minute chance to go on a mission trip with my church to Pittsburgh (for free) which was awesome. I was put in charge of creating a video for the trip to show the church and I decided that since it was a short trip in the middle of a city it would be cool to try and do more of a vlog format. I had a lot of fun with this and combined a normal documentary/interview feel with a more casual vlog style. 

During a lot of the spring semester at school I did less video projects as I wanted to focus on school work, friends, and creating more fun videos (me and my roommates created a whole variety tv show but I will not link to it on here for reasons). However, I was able to second shoot a couple of weddings and do a couple of other projects. 

One of these projects was a video for the National Brain Tumor Society's charity race in Charlotte, NC where my family lives. I got my brother to second shoot for me so this project was a lot of fun. My whole family ran (walked) in the race so it was a ton of fun since I usually don't have the opportunity to do a video project in which they are all involved. 

Towards the end of the semester I got to go to Peru on a disaster relief trip with my school (Liberty University) which was by far the hight-light of my year. I got to take video and pictures of the trip which was amazing. I am also fluent in Spanish so I had a lot of fun just talking/translating while I was there since I don't get to do that very often. I have not edited the video yet, as Liberty will edit their own version, but one of my pictures was featured in the Liberty Journal (Liberty's tri-annual magazine) so that's pretty "lit."

My pic is the big one on the left.

My pic is the big one on the left.

I've started working on a couple projects during the summer but so far a lot of my work has just been to catch up on the back-log that I had from the spring. I had a ton of fun with all of these projects throughout the spring and I look forward to see what summer and fall bring with them.