A loving relationship. A strong bond. Two sexy human beings. 

I am not talking about Sam and Grace but rather Sam and I. Let me explain.

I met Sam when I was 13 years old. We were decent friends then but didn't hang out that much before we both moved away. Fast forward a few years to when I'm 18 and I start working at the mother of all fast-food, Chick-fil-A. Sam is also working there and we soon realize that we knew each other from back in the day. That love that I mentioned quickly comes to fruition. Sam and I became best bros and did everything together. We worked together, we played Magic the Gathering (a nerdy card game) together, and we went to Canada together. Oh, and we also had a crush on the same girl for a little while, but that's a different story. 

Anyways, fast forward a few more years, and while we weren't able to attend the same college, we have kept in touch. Neither of us ended up with that one girl but rather both found different girls. After I went to college, Sam and Grace started dating. I knew Grace a little, but I didn't really get to know her until a week ago when I visited them. It was a lit 'ol time of board games and tv shows and reminiscing about our days at CFA. Also, my car broke down so I had to stay a few extra days, but that's life.

Although I mainly just do video, I figured I'd give an engagement photo shoot a shot, and so I offered to do Sam and Grace's. Unfortunately, the weather had different ideas and it started pouring about 20 minutes into the shoot (not exactly what I was hoping would happen for my first try). Anyways me, Sam, Grace, and Grace's brother Stephen (another good friend from CFA) went to Texas Road House to celebrate the successful 20 minutes that we had. 

Afterward, we had to make a stop at Walmart for something and I had the genius idea of finishing our photo shoot inside the store. Ok, this actually wasn't my idea. I saw the photographer kjugarphotos.com post a pic on Instagram from an engagement shoot that he had done in Walmart. 

So please enjoy these pictures of my two lovely friends that are getting married in a few months! 

p.s. I am going to be Sam's best man B) 

p.p.s Click on a picture to make it bigger.

Hope you enjoyed the pics! :)