I am very late with some of these blog posts but I still wanted to highlight some of my amazing couples and their videos. Each video that I do is special to me as I often spend a considerable amount of time editing them. Long after the wedding ends, I may be reliving the day over and over again as I edit through hours of footage.

Justin and Alexis’s wedding was one of those weddings that I really enjoyed editing. Between their laid back style of interaction to their heartfelt first dance to their beautiful vows. Their wedding films is one that I really enjoyed and I think it came together quite nicely. 

Wedding Film.00_03_51_15.Still022.jpg

This was also my brother’s first wedding as I brought him along to show him the ropes of wedding video. I really enjoyed having him tag along and he is now in the process of creating his own wedding business which is really exciting! (If he gets better than me, let this post serve as proof that I was the one that taught him.) 

Wedding Film.00_03_06_20.Still017.jpg

Another thing that was really unique and cool with this wedding is that some friends of Justin and Alexis loaned them a Model T for their “getaway” car. This car was gorgeous and I love the shots of them standing in front of it. The tan and brown colors of the car fit perfectly with all the greenery of the video and really added to their film. 

Wedding Film.00_04_00_02.Still025.jpg

I hope that you enjoy watching their film as much as I do!