This video was extremely difficult to edit because I had like 10 minutes of amazing footage of Sarah and Brandon in the wheat field and I could only include like a minute or so. I think I was physically pained having to delete some of those beautiful shots. The colors of that field could not have been more perfect. The mix of the green grass with the light brown wheat and the dark green trees as a backdrop all combined to make an absolutely beautiful setting for their couple shots. These shots will definitely be all over my wedding reel (when I find time to edit it that is). 

Wedding Film.00_00_04_00.Still005.jpg

Another thing I had a lot of fun with was the dancing. Let me just use one of my favorite words and say that they truly did get lit. Some more middle-school-esque words to describe it might be dope, turnt, swaggin, or gnarly. (None of those are used by middle schoolers anymore probably but let me have my fun.) I don’t think anyone left the dance floor for like two hours straight. It made my job very easy and I think the final video does a good job of documenting their rad dance moves. 

Wedding Film.00_06_56_17.Still035.jpg

Have a lit time watching their video!