The first of my three big projects this year, Soul Ties was a promotional video for a church plant here in Lynchburg, VA. It required an extensive amount of footage from all over the city, and therefor an extensive amount of time. However, I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, and the pastor, Justin Jackson, was even happier. Within a couple of days, the video snagged around 1,500 views which is a success in my book. 

The video's goal was to showcase Lynchburg as well as the church's mission. Thankfully, Justin was a huge help with this video, and didn't mind putting in the time required to make it work. I think video is a great way to showcase a church's mission, because it combines the pastors words with real life visuals, making it interesting and compelling. 

Also, I had a good amount of fun making it! While exploring Lynchburg for shots, I was confronted by a guy who tried to convince me that the future of wedding videography was entirely drone shot weddings. Another guy was looking for someone to help him make a Republican version of Star Trek using the USS Ronald Reagan! (Actually, maybe that's genius?) We even showed up at Justin's grandfathers house without warning him, and had him star in the video. 

All of this to say, I'm glad to be done with this project, and I think Justin would say the same.