So my numero 2 big project of the semester was a video for Coffeehouse, which is the talent show that Liberty University holds each semester. Its mostly comprised of musical or dancing acts, but they include 5 or 6 videos in there too. Last semester I wrote one of the videos that got in, and so this semester me and some friends went for it again, this time with me writing and directing.

The theme was legends (like famous musicians and actors), so we spoofed a bunch of famous movie scenes and songs to make jokes that all Liberty students would get. The first semester, our video was kinda gender neutral when it came to Liberty jokes, meaning we didn't have any. This way, everyone would get it! Only problem, Liberty peeps only laugh at jokes about Liberty, so we got smoked by two other videos when factoring in the laugh-o-meter. (They don't have an actual meter, sadly) Christmas Coffeehouse submission: 

Only problem is, with our video this time around, we had twelve different scenes, which means twelve different locations and even more actors. Due to classes taking up our days and what not, the shoot spanned over about four days. So yeah, it was a lot of work. Was it fun? Totes. But still, a lot of work. 

So did it work this time? Well, just getting in is an achievement due to the amount of videos that are submitted, but yes it went over much better. Our video was the first video to play, and I'd say that it received the second best reaction. (A video entitled Stuff Liberty Students Say probably won, and it deserved it) 

Our ending featured the most beloved professor on campus, who played Rocky Balboa. (By the way, this was by far the most stressful scene to direct, because its directing a famous guy who's thirty years older than me.) This scene received an amazing reaction full of cheering and shouting, and a meme was even made about it on one of the Liberty Meme pages. 

Is it all worth it? If you asked me after finishing the video, I would say no. However, as soon as 10,000 people  unanimously cheered at something that I made, I changed my answer. So I will most definitely be making something next semester. Also, I have a streak now that I wanna see how long I can milk. 

Also, here's the BTS which features a lot of dancing from me...