videographer lynchburg

Can I pick the song?

Yes! Everyone has a different style of music that they enjoy so this is probably my most asked question. Since wedding films are commercial films, I have to license the music which can be done through various different sites. You are free to look through these sites to find a song that you enjoy. The sites that I use most often are www.musicbed.com, www.songfreedom.com, and www.premiumbeat.com. If you don’t care, I will pick a song that I feel works well for your film.

Do you travel?

I love to travel! If the wedding is within two hours of Lynchburg, VA I don’t charge anything. After that I will charge depending on necessary expenses (meals, gas, hotel). This is usually no more than $300 if it is within 10 hours of Lynchburg.

It says a 30 second teaser is included in all packages. What is that?

The teaser is a short video that I will send you within 48 hours of your wedding day. This way you can see some of the film right away and share it on social media for your friends and family that weren’t able to come.

How would you describe your style?

I would describe it as being guided by emotions. My goal is not to simply capture what happens, but rather the feelings, emotions, and love behind the events. When I show any given shot of the couple, my hope is that someone watching the film will know beyond a doubt that they are in love.

What is the booking process?

To officially book your wedding please send me a message via the Contact page and I will send you a link for my contract. After filling out the contract and making a $300 deposit, you will be all set for your wedding day!

How many hours do the packages include?

All my packages include 10 hours, which is usually always enough to capture the entire day. You can add extra hours if you plan to have a longer wedding day.

Do you offer drone coverage?

Drone coverage is offered for free with all the packages, but is subject to the weather and location.

Do you use audio from the vows or the toasts in your films?

This can be decided by the couple. I record all of the vows and speeches but let you decide whether or not you want it to be included in your film. If you’re not sure, I will just do whatever I think is best for your film. :)

I would rather just purchase the 12-15 minute short film without purchasing the highlight film. Is this possible?

Yes! Just let me know what you're looking for exactly and I will give you a custom quote.

I would like to get a longer video that includes complete coverage of the ceremony, toasts, dances, etc. Is this possible?

I can definitely do that! Please email me for an exact quote as these types of films usually vary a lot more than the standard packages.

Should I pay for a second shooter?

I shoot most of my weddings by myself as I use a lot of smaller more versatile gear that allows me to capture more of the day while remaining unobtrusive. However, a second shooter will definitely improve the overall quality of the film.

Any recommendations?

Sometimes I shoot a couple hours of footage and yet I only include 5 minutes of it in the highlight reel. I would recommend purchasing the raw footage so that you can see all of the unused footage as well.

I love my film! Except that one shot of my cousin. Can you take that out?

Of course! I don’t want your film to be ruined by one rogue shot. You can also ask to add/remove a portion of a speech. Just let me know within seven days of delivery.

How long will my film take to be completed?

Usually it will take 1-2 months. This depends largely on when your wedding takes place. If it is during a time when I have a lot of other weddings, it will take closer to two months.